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Ugliness is something that someone chooses?

 Okay, I've come across some majorly idiotic stuff. I check my Youtube, and some idiot puts "Holy fuck you're ugly" as a comment on one of my vids. As you all know, I am very conscious if I know if I'm ugly or not (and believe me, I'm not). When I checked his Youtube profile page, he says in his info box that he dislikes ugly people (because they choose to be). "Because they choose to be"?! Wow IDIOT alert! Nobody can choose to be ugly. That's only an opinion. Walking around with such lies doesn't deserve to be a person. Yet, we are all not perfect, but still. I just want to bash a great "Wake up and smell the flowers" analogy into his head for saying such nonsense.

If I'm so ugly, I shouldn't be able to video myself and post it up on YT. Even if I was, I would still do it anyways. People are always into looks nowadays, but at least I have the decency to show my face on YT than upload some randomly shitty animation videos. I just want my voice to be heard, that's all that I want to do. But nevertheless this fucktard has the balls to put that comment on my video. HA! Not even.

This guy has a lot of hate comments yet people still like him for some reason, which is adequately not likely suppose to happen. His attitude needs a makeover, especially if he wants to show HIS face to the world. Don't believe me? Go to YouTube, and look for DefTheDisorder.

A warning to everyone. My Yahoo! email account has just been phished. If you get an email from patgreen101@live.com and he's posing as a security verification officer, DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR INFORMATION. He has recently phished my main email account and I am going to give him a piece of my fucking mind. Obviously, I was oblivious to see that the email was fake. Now, I have to use my alternate email account which I will not reveal (duh, security reasons). Make sure you don't fall under the trap that I have set off and get your email accounts phished too. Oh, and give this fucker a piece of your mind too, if you don't mind. Much a stupid prick if you ask me. Why do people do such a horrible thing? Is it because they do it for pleasure? Money? Theft? Is it not because a person is evil? Why do people have to be so selfish and jealous so that they can just rise up from whatever standards they are coming from? People these days, has the world gone mad? Just be sure you don't give this low-life any of your information, but if you did, then it's not my fault that you didn't recognize that fault.

My fursuit is here!!!

My fursuit finally came in, but it came on January 4, 2010. I was very excited and so happy to finally have one! My heart was racing and everything. *runs out of breath But yeah, you can check out my fursuit on my Youtube account. Just search for "Chassikan" and that's my account.

The funny thing is, my mom was okay that I bought the fursuit and that I can keep it and take care of it. She's actually helping me repair the damages that happened to my fursuit paws. The thing was, the wrists were hard to slip on and since it's a long sleeve hand paw, the opening to it is kind of big so it slips off easily. This is going to be my fursuit for now, but I plan to get a professional one made or make it my own in the future. I also hope to attend cons someday when I have free time. I guess that's all I have to say.

Close To Christmas

It has been a very long time since I have been on my LiVEJOURNAL account. I just feel like I need to update on what's going on in the furry side of my life. Well, if anybody doesn't know (and I'm pretty sure that's everybody) my commission for my fursuit is done! I'm very excited to get it, I feel like I'm going to faint when it comes. But for some reason, I'm still a bit embarassed that I am a furry and my parents have no idea of what that is. I already revealed that to my mom and she was freaked out. So yeah, this is going to hurt her than it is going to hurt me... or is it the other way around? (shrugs)

Well, my fursuit won't be coming in until the 28th of December and I was sort of planning to wear my fursuit on the last day of the 1st semester of our school, but it past already so my only opportunity to wear it is on New Year's for such an occasion. It's going to be another new year, and I'm going to have fun with it and my final count as a Senior of my high school. I still can't come up with a new year's resolution. I'm pretty sure when the time is near, I'll figure it out.

Anyways, I give my big appreciation to the fursuit maker Aressa (formerly known on YouTube as "CrimsonNightmare") for making my partial fursuit under $100 (for the materials, work, and shipping all together... cheap huh?). She is still in the process of making better fursuits for everyone. Once I get my fursuit, I will debut it on my YouTube channel "Chassikan". I also give intellect insight about the furry nature and my opinion on certain stuff related to furries or fursuits. If you need help on things furry or fursuit related, you can consult me either here or on my YouTube account. I wish everyone a good, and furry Christmas.

Hindi movies galore..

Well, just the other day, I was searching for this one movie that I've been dying to watch, but it is in Hindu but Disney has teamed up with this other movie company in India to make this movie. The movie is called Roadside Romeo which stars a golden colored dog named Romeo. This movie is very anthromorphic but it is a graphic movie (meaning that it's all computer generated not the kind of graphic that exposes nudity..>.<~eww). What I had to do was download the english subtitles to understand the hindi parts (which is most of the movie..gah..x~x). I watched it once without the subtitles and trying to understand the whole story, but it got me nowhere. Then the second time with the subtitles and I was all like "Ooooh, now I get it". One thing for sure is that I'm in love with the character Laila which is the girl that Romeo falls in love with but she plays hard-to-get. She is just so damn sexy!! If you want to watch it, go to this exact website http://novamov.com/video/49c34027979b5 . To watch it with subtitles, you first need to download Real Player and go to this website and download it. Then you need to download four things:VLC Media player http://files.uberdownloads.com/apps/lps/index.php?product=vlc , a .flv to .avi converter http://www.mp4kits.com/Product/Free_FLV_to_AVI_Converter.html , the English subtitles for Roadside Romeo http://subscene.com/english/Roadside-Romeo/subtitle-193112.aspx (this one is accurate for the hindi parts, and almost accurate for the english parts) and a .rar file extractor (sorry, I don't have a website for this one, but the one I use is called WinAce). It takes a very long process (well depending on your computer's downloading speed and the speed for converting it) but it's all worth it. Remember, if there's a furry problem that you might have, you can call me for the answer. Besides, I don't bite, even if I am a wolf..XD