ankuten_wolf's Journal

AnkuTen Wolf
My full furry name is Ankoku Tenshi Wolf. It has been shortened as a nickname, but a lot of people just call me Wolfy. I reside on the island of Oahu, where most of the furs here in Hawaii are. I am also managing the group 808Furs on FurAffinity, and also on our Facebook group, 808 Furry Events. You can say that it is rare to have furries in Hawaii, but in the land of opportunity, anything can be possible; you just have to have the right people there to make it happen.

I love music, video games, hanging out, fursuiting, watching cartoons, and just basically having fun. I am a very friendly person and is willing to help out any person. I am not usually a very aggravating person, and I can also be very tolerable. I also want to try to change the image of the Furry fandom, and try to make the world better one step at a time.

My journal will usually consist of either my artwork, fursuiting, music mixes, and videos/rants. My journal is here to also write about my experiences as a furry in the fandom, and some helpful tips. I can be a very positive thinker, and I have the energy of a 7 year old boy. If you have a problem, I'm usually the one that people come to for advice.